FIIDO TITAN electric bike (26")


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Embark on an adventure with the Fiido Titan, the premier fat-tire electric bike designed for thrill-seekers! Explore freely with an extended range and a sturdy frame built for rugged terrain. Prepare to conquer new frontiers with the Fiido Titan!

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Data sheet

Nominal power of the engine/motors (W) 750
Drivetrain Rear
Max motor power (W) 750
Speed limiter Yes
Speed with limiter (km/h) 25
Design speed (km/h) 45
Wheel size (') 26
Tyre type With inner tube
Battery type Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Battery voltage (V) 48
Range (km) 135
Battery capacity (Ah) 14.5
Battery capacity (Wh) 696
Charging time (h) 7
Brake system 4 cylinder calipers, hydraulic disc brakes
Weight (kg) 37.6
Maximum load (kg) 200
Lights Front, rear, stop
Smart APP Yes
Seat adjustable Yes
Vehicle dimensions (mm) 1850*710*1070
Package dimensions (mm) 1530*315*875

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Fiido Titan electric bike! Aluminium frame with quality integrated wiring system, easily removable 750 W battery with 135 km on a full charge. The handlebars are adorned with an updated IPS smart display, which can also be activated via a mobile app.

With an impressive 750 W rated motor, you can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h. And with the 14.5 Ah 48V battery, you can travel up to 135 km on a single charge, and this model also comes with the option of two additional batteries mounted on the saddle, on the left and on the right side. With three batteries you can travel up to 400 km.

The Fiido Titan electric bike is equipped with a SHIMANO 9-speed system.

The sleek aluminium frame will look great on city streets.


The distance covered by the Fiido Titan e-bike, like many e-bikes, depends on how you ride.

You can pedal your e-bike with the help of the electric assist - up to 120-140 kilometres on a single charge - and with the full electric assist - the accelerator - up to 50-60 kilometres per charge.

The Fiido Titan electric bike has a battery capacity of 14.5Ah (696Wh).

The table below compares the distance travelled without pedalling with pedalling + assist - the principle of which is as follows: the more pressure you put on the pedal, the more it compensates for your pedalling.


This Fiido Titan has 26x4" tyres, which are perfect for off-road use, but are more versatile so you can ride comfortably in the city too.

The large wheel will allow you to travel safely over larger obstacles, while the 4" width, combined with the stable steering, will help you feel solid.

The Fiido Titan electric bike is the perfect choice for those who value safety, reliability and versatility. With its 26" fat tyres and 4-piston hydraulic brakes, it provides a reliable ride on mountainous, wooded roads. In addition, this electric bike has a dual battery holder that allows you to carry two extra batteries, increasing the range to 400 km. The battery can also be controlled via an app, so there's no need to worry about losing your keys. Last but not least, the bike can be adapted to suit riders of different heights, from 155cm to 210cm.



The Fiido Titan electric bike has a ventilated 4-piston braking system, a large headlight, and a torque sensor that allows you to pedal comfortably not only on flat roads, but also uphill.

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