Insure your new purchase against additional risks and just enjoy your daily activities.

Protect not only your device, but yourself and your family too – your device will be insured against any bumps or even in the event of theft!

Purchase insurance - what is it?

This is comprehensive purchase insurance. By purchasing a new home appliance or electronic product together with the additional purchase insurance offered by Warranty Expert, you can be sure that your purchase will last you a long time.

Are there additional fees?

If the customer has an accident with the product (it falls to the ground, breaks, gets wet, is affected by fire, voltage fluctuations, etc.) and it is determined that the product can be repaired, the customer will have to pay the amount of the unconditional deduction specified in the certificate; If the product cannot be repaired and the product is exchanged for a new/analogous product - the customer will have to pay the unconditional deduction amount specified in the certificate.

What should I do in the event of damage?

First of all, you should register the damage online ( or by phone (8 700 33300).
After registering the damage, the Warranty Expert specialists will inform you about the details of the device repair, and you will need to pick up the repaired or new device at the specified address.
We inform you that we deliver large devices to your home.

When is the damage not compensable?

• If the purchase was lost;

• If the purchase is not used according to its intended purpose or without
following the manufacturer's instructions;

•Due to wear, aging or corrosion of the purchase or its parts.