What need to know about batteries

Simple charging FAQ:

- After ride do not charge battery yer, let it rest for an hour or more;
- After a charge, let the battery rest for an hour ow two to cold down but also to let the BMS balance the cells;
- Charging 80% and discharging 20% are best for a long live!
- It is OK to charge it to 100% to get more range, just don`t let battery sit at 100% for more than a day for no reason;
- Standard BMS only balances to 100% (top balance), only really expensive smart BMS can balance at any volatge so far only the LUNA APEX has one;
- Balancing is slow so  that`s the reason to let the batter sit after a charge;
- Balancing can take a couple 100% charge cycles to complete;
- When new a battery may take 6 to 8 charge discharges to balance. Possibly more if you push the pack hard;
- When new its always advisable not to discharge the pack at high amps until its balancing well;
- Don`t leave the charger unattended, Charge in a safe place and unplug the charger when done to avoid a drain on the battery;
- Its also important that when running the battery to 10% or lower you risk tripping the BMS. When it happens the charge may not start the pack.

VERY IMPORTANT: The battery needs to be charged prior to the first ride. The packs are shipped with 30-50% state of charge only! Always plug the charger in the AC outlet before connecting the charger to the battery.

Critically important: Never ever attempt to charge a frozen Li-Ion battery that is under 32 deg F (or 0 deg C) below freezing permanent damage will occur if you try to charge your battery pack. Of your pack is frozen bring it inside your house and let it sit for a few hours till battery is over 50F (10C).

VERY VERY IMPORTANT ALSO: Never charge your battery from the discharge port (or more than a few seconds if it`s just to justart it), charging like this will bypass the BMS protections and can be dangerous if you have an issue in the battery).

For first use - please fully charge the battery up to 100% for the first cycles (3-5) and leave charger till it stops. Remember to charge battery when it is at room temperature (not hot or or freezing).

Storing tips:
- When storing, it needs to be clean and dry. Location needs to be dry and neither too warm nor too cold - a temperature between 15 - 25 C is ideal.
- When storing, state of charge needs to be charged between 30% and 50% for approx. 30 minutes;
- Battery-equipped devices must be stored away from flammable materials.

An incorrect storage or an extended period without charging the battery can cause an irreparable depth discharge. This is not a warranty case.