ENGWE X24 electric bike (24")

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Data sheet

Nominal power of the engine/motors (W) 1000
Drivetrain Rear
Max motor power (W) 1200
Speed limiter Yes
Speed with limiter (km/h) 25
Design speed (km/h) 50
Wheel size (') 24
Tyre type With inner tube
Battery type Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Battery voltage (V) 48
Range (km) 150
Battery capacity (Ah) 29.2
Battery capacity (Wh) 1401
Charging time (h) 8
Brake system Hydraulic disc
Weight (kg) 41.9
Maximum load (kg) 150
Lights Front, rear, stop
Smart APP No
Seat adjustable Yes
Vehicle dimensions (mm) 1860*720*1080
Package dimensions (mm) 1860*720*1080

More info

Engwe is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our online store, the cutting-edge, high-performance Engwe X24 electric bike 1000W Motor with 70 N.M, that will redefine your cycling experience! Our team has been working tirelessly to bring you the most advanced and luxurious electric bike on the market, and we're excited to finally unveil it to you.


Benefits of the Engwe X24


- Dual Batteries of 48V and 19.2Ah (battery primary) and 10Ah (secondary battery)

- Improved 1000W motor delivers power extreme in acceleration and a final speed of 25KM/H with 1200W PEAK POWER.

- Triple Suspension system extending from its front hydraulic shock and middle mechanical shock to the rear air shock, 3 times more powerful shock absorbance than normal E-Bikes.

- 30% Climbing Capacity makes a real difference when conquering hills and mountains with your Engwe X24.

- Range of 100 kilometers ( electric mode ) on a single charge can take you from one city to another

- Smart and large LCD display with colors reflecting your speed, distances, mode and your multiple settings

- Advanced hydraulic disc brakes are necessary to ensure a braking path Safe and short at high speed

- Advanced quad suspension system offers the smoothest ride you've ever had known

- Out-Terrain 24 x 4-inch Fat tires make the stable and safe driving while absorbing shocks rugged terrain

- Design aluminum alloy frame advanced keeps it lightweight while offering extreme benefits.

- Bending design ensures that you can carry your bike in the trunk of your car across the country

- Shimano 8-speed gears ensure efficient gear change according to terrain needs

- Attractive design






Revolutionary new design generation

Some would say Engwe X24 is a hybrid of dirt bike, motorcycle and electric bike. But it's unfair because the X24 All-Terrain E-Bike offers much more. It is simply the Newest and perhaps most recent design Advanced of an electric bike that exists. Above Power, more speed, more range and best performance - Engwe X24 has it all please!


Extreme power of the brushless motor of 1000W

More power will be felt than on any other electric bike. X24 delivers power constant and reliable at 1000W and can produce 1200W Power Peak when you are faced with difficult terrain, unlike certain other electric bicycle motors that do not can produce only XNUMX W. This allows you easily navigate the land and mountains while sliding on sand and gravel without stopping. when you are faced with difficult terrain, unlike certain other electric bicycle motors that do not can produce only XNUMX W. This allows you easily navigate the land and mountains while sliding on sand and gravel without stopping.




Motorcycle quality greasy tires, huge frame, but Always a folding design to facilitate the transport

Good news - you don't have need a trailer or carrier- expensive bikes to transport the X24 to across the country with your car. The tires and frame are pretty huge but you can always fold the bike for adapt it to most car trunks Commercial. Even though it is one of the most Great electric bikes, you don't need a trailer to transport your bike electrical. 


24 x 4-inch Large tires for off-road, the snow and other uses

For fast electric vehicles, big tires (24 x 4-inch, Chaoyang or CST) are strongly advised or even mandatory. For more stability and your personal safety, you must use the big tires as soon as the bike electric reaches a speed of more than 45 km/h. They offer superior grip to the ground and work in tandem with the triple system hydraulic suspension to absorb all shocks of rough terrain. The pressure of 140 kPa tires is recommended for your All-Terrain E-Bike.


Engwe Hydraulic Oil Disc Brakes advanced X24

To match the engine power, it is essential to have a braking system sophisticated hydraulics. The brakes to front hydraulic oil disc and rear are included on the Engwe X24. It is good known as hydraulic brakes are the technique Fastest and safest to reduce speeds high levels of electric vehicles. In addition, during the Braking, the X24 will recharge its own battery.



Smart TFT display enabled Engwe X24 with Advanced colors and settings

Your driving information important and more will be Always displayed with details crystalline on this smart TFT display. It has a smart display of the power, of a power indicator of the engine, automated headlight control, Electric assistance control, with a time of driving, taillight control, Speed display (including speed in real time, maximum speed and speed average) and a mileage display (including single mileage and total mileage). You can change the final speeds and a variety of other variables with options advanced.



Superior Quality 

Engwe is committed to creating the most e-bikes more advanced using the most advanced methods recent and production and quality guidelines the strictest. Engwe developed a plan Incredibly affordable pricing after realized that a great electric bike is not the only thing that matters. With the features of most advanced cycling, X24 is a winner in High-end design terms! Please have a quick look to our blog.


Engwe X24 package includes

1. X24 electric bike (75% pre-assembled)

2. Dual batteries 

3. Battery charger

4. Assembly tools

5. User Manual



Rider Height: 158 cm - 195 cm 
Payload Capacity: 150KG 
Package Dimensions (LWH): 162*32*79CM

A -- Height: 108 cm
B -- Total Length: 187.4 cm
C -- Reach: 41.2 cm
D -- Stand over Height: 73.6 cm
E -- Wheelbase: 118.4 cm
F -- Minimum Saddle Height: 90.2 cm

RIEDIS.LT is the official ENGWE electric bicycle dealer and warranty service centre

We would like to share with you and are happy to announce that the Riedis.lt team is the official ENGWE electric bicycle dealer and warranty service centre in the Baltic region.

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