electric scooter NEOLINE T27 (10.5")


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Nominal power of the engine/motors (W) 350
Design speed (km/h) 25
Wheel size (') 10.5
Battery type Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Battery voltage (V) 36
Range (km) 30
Battery capacity (Ah) 7.8
Charging time (h) 5
Weight (kg) 14
Maximum load (kg) 120
Water resistance (IP) IP54
Vehicle dimensions (mm) 1130*440*1185

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The motor-wheel is located on the rear wheel, which provides the following advantages:

– The ability to use all the power of the electric brake without any restrictions;

– Ensuring the rise of the rider uphill with a large angle;

– Better control on slippery surfaces;

– Lack of slipping when riding uphill.



The NEOLINE T27 model has three types of brakes – front drum-type brake, rear mechanical disc brake and electronic (E-ABS). The front drum-type brake is greatly covered inside the wheel and is therefore very reliable and long lasting. The sensitive response of the electronic brake allows you to decelerate more actively and smoothly.



Patching wires and brake cables are retracted into the electric scooter frame. Such laying of wires and cables ensures their safety and minimizes the risk of damage during riding the scooter.



The NEOLINE T27 model has built-in rear running lights, whereas the front LED lamp has the ability to adjust its brightness and to adjust the angle of light beam.



The inflatable 10.5 inches wide tubeless tires of the NEOLINE T27 have a wide and deep tread, which provides better grip in difficult conditions (road markings, wood flooring, wet asphalt, tiles) due to a larger contact with the road surface. Moreover, because of the wide and deep tread, the wheels efficiently dampen vibrations while riding through various surfaces.



The folding of a scooter has never been simpler – a person is required to press just only one handle, which is located on the front of the steering column and then just lock the steering column to scooter’s rear fender. The simple and easy locking mechanism, which, together with aviation aluminum, will ensure the reliability and durability of the mechanism.



The informative display notifies about the battery charge status, selected speed mode (Eco, Standard and Drive), current speed, distance traveled and running lights operation status.



The NEOLINE T27 is equipped with an innovative accelerator pedal built into the platform.

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