electric scooter NAMI BURN-E 3 MAX 40Ah (11")


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NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX - one of the best quality electric kick scooters in the market!

Riedis.LT - the official NAMI distributor in Lithuania!

2x1500W motors peak at 8400W and 32Ah 72V battery - will let reach 80km/h speed and up to 120 km per one charge!

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Data sheet

Nominal power of the engine/motors (W) 3000
Drivetrain Front and rear
Max motor power (W) 8400
Speed limiter Yes
Speed with limiter (km/h) 25
Design speed (km/h) 95
Wheel size (') 11
Tyre type Tubeless
Battery type Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Battery voltage (V) 72
Range (km) 140
Battery capacity (Ah) 40
Battery capacity (Wh) 28800
Charging time (h) 8
Brake system Hydraulic disc
Weight (kg) 49
Maximum load (kg) 120
Lights Front, rear, stop and turn signals
Smart APP Yes
Water resistance (IP) IP55
Lock type NFC
Vehicle dimensions (mm) 1300*690*1440
Package dimensions (mm) 1380*650*300

More info

The Nami Burn-e 3 MAX

We continue our success with Nami Electric's powerfull and high-end electric scooters, with the Nami Burn-e 3 MAX ! This time, we present a model with and even more innovative configuration: 72V 40Ah and 2280Wh ! We will let you find out what she's got.

You will love it, so will your customers !

This electric scooter looks pretty much like its little sister, the Nami Burn-e 2 MAX, but sands out with its even more powerfull battery. A double engine of 1500W, a battery of 72V and 40Aah, a range of 120km, the perfect mix for a high-end scooter. Its sturdiness and weigh make the Nami Burn-e 3 MAX and electric scooter that does not go unnoticed.

Perfect for speed lovers: this electric scooter is equipped with 2 motors of 1500W to prove its dynamism. Its battery, superior to that of the Burn-e 2 MAX also offers a range of up to 120km.

The 165mm adjustable suspension makes the Nami Burn-e 3 MAX an all-terrain vehicle. What to enjoy a pleasant and confortable driving, without feeling the defects of the road. Its handlebars and ergonomic handles help to better support. The Nami Burn-e 3 MAX measures more than 1m30 and is 3000W, it is intented for and adult, able to drive a compact and dynamic electric scooter.

Summary of the best features of the Nami Burn-e 3 MAX

   - Engine: 1500W x 2

   - Battery : 72V 40Ah

   - Range : 120km

   - Suspension : 165mm KKE hydraulic rebound adjustment

   - Brakes : Full hydralic (160mm) 4 piston / Logan

The safety and confort of the Nami Burn-e 3 MAX

Comfort and security is our priority and Nami Electric's, the engineers are always commited to guarantee to the best possible product quality. Aseembled form an aliminium chassis and a carbon steering column, the Nami Burn-e 3 MAX is compact enough and easy to handle to ensure great stability.

To ensure smooth but safe braking, the Nami Burn-e 3 MAX elecric scooter is equipped with hydralic Logan 4 piston brakes. Emergency braking or simply slowing down, there is no fear to have with the Nami Electric brakes.

To enhance your visibility day and night, Nami has chosen to equip this electric scooter with powerfull headlights and LED side lights. This modern and futuristic touch perfectly matches its black exterior.

The Nami Burn-e 3 MAX electric scooter has a Nami Electric screen, like a small tablet. Water resistant, its allows to control in real time each program and option (speed, battery, lights, km...). It allows you to change option and mode with a simple click.

In 2020, Michael Sha and Johann Maugueret founded the Nami Electric brand, combining knowledge sharing in engineering and international distribution. Having enjoyed great success, they have positioned themselves at the forefront of the electric mobility market, offering high-end and robust vehicles. Innovative and intelligent, they rely on the opinions of their followers to offer scooters that correspond to consumers.

Powerful and reliable, Nami scooters offer above all remarkable comfort thanks to their air damper. This technology allows a driving without hindrance of the defects of the road. 

A After Sales Service is available to answer your questions and those of your customers. In search of always satisfying you and your customers, E-Ride has in stock every spare part of the scooters.

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