TEVERUN FIGHTER MINI 20.8Ah electric scooter


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TEVERUN FIGHTER MINI electric scooter - Unsurpassed city comfort!

2940W maximum power and a 52V 20.8Ah SMART BMS battery - will allow you to accelerate up to 60 km/h and drive up to 80 km.



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Data sheet

Nominal power of the engine/motors (W) 2000
Drivetrain Front and rear
Max motor power (W) 2940
Speed limiter Yes
Speed with limiter (km/h) 25
Design speed (km/h) 60
Wheel size (') 10
Tyre type Tubeless
Battery type Li-ion Smart BMS 18650
Battery voltage (V) 52
Range (km) 80
Battery capacity (Ah) 20.8
Battery capacity (Wh) 1248
Charging time (h) 10
Brake system Hydraulic disc
Weight (kg) 29.5
Maximum load (kg) 120
Lights Front, rear, stop and turn signals
Smart APP Yes
Lock type NFC
Vehicle dimensions (mm) 1180*650*1250
Package dimensions (mm) 1290*290*665

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Electric scooter TEVERUN FIGHTER MINI - The Latest City Flagship

Leveraging years of expertise in electric mobility, the Riedis.LT team carefully curates only the best and most appealing electric transportation options for you. Introducing the ultimate urban and comfort icon - the TEVERUN FIGHTER MINI. Its compact design, ease of use, and superior comfort make it an essential experience for city dwellers.

Our store boasts a vast selection of spare parts and accessories, plus an on-site repair service to ensure your ride is always in top shape. The TEVERUN FIGHTER MINI electric scooters are the undisputed urban champions, offering incredibly fast and pleasant city rides. Lightweight yet powerful, comfortable, equipped with the finest features, and above all, quality-made - the TEVERUN FIGHTER MINI meets every urban commuter's needs. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, these scooters are ready to kick off the electric scooter season with style.

Why does this scooter deserve the flagship title?

Teverun and Riedis.LT are at the forefront of innovation and technology. We are thrilled and proud that our Riedis.LT team played a role in this scooter's development, offering consultation, proposing solutions, and reflecting the wishes of our customers.

As a strategic partner to Teverun in the Baltic States, our feedback is invaluable to them, and it's taken seriously by the manufacturing team.

The TEVERUN FIGHTER MINI scooter stands out as a product of extensive experience and the finest solutions, drawing inspiration from its high-end siblings, the Teverun Fighter scooters, known worldwide for their quality and dependability.

It's built with only PREMIUM components - top-quality metals, ultra-strong plastics, TEVERUN hydraulic brakes, CST tires, KKE hydraulic shock absorbers, sinusoidal controllers, a patented 3-point folding mechanism, and new, safer LP16 charging ports.

Moreover, this scooter showcases cutting-edge technology, featuring an integrated display, the TEVERUN APP smart app, a SMART BMS system, and hydraulic brake levers with a brake fluid level indicator.

Quality components, the latest tech, and careful assembly make the Teverun Fighter Mini electric scooter the true Urban Flagship.

UAB LUTEX (Riedis.LT) - the official representative of TEVERUN (MINIMOTORS) electric scooters in Lithuania.

The TEVERUN FIGHTER MINI electric scooter comes equipped with large 10-inch inflatable wheels, potent motors, and both front and rear shock absorbers, ensuring a stable and smooth ride over bumps and uneven terrain. This guarantees a comfortable and cushioned journey on a variety of surfaces. Considering its storage needs at home or the office, or the desire to never leave for a vacation without it, the ease of folding and loading it into a car trunk is paramount. Teverun boasts a sturdy and straightforward steering column folding mechanism, enabling the scooter to be folded in a mere 3 seconds.

These electric scooters excel in both power and functionality, featuring dual 1000W motors and a 52V battery system. This is a significant upgrade from the typical urban electric scooters, which often come with a 36V system and less powerful 350W motors. As a result, the TEVERUN FIGHTER MINI achieves quicker acceleration and superior uphill performance, even with a heavier load or on steeper slopes.


Discover the pinnacle of scooter craftsmanship with the Teverun and Minimotors joint creation - the Teverun Fighter Mini electric scooter.

Easy to carry, folds effortlessly

Adaptation for an American audience with original metric dimensions:

The dimensions of the folded scooter are: Length - 118 cm, width - 65 cm, height - 60 cm.

This scooter is equipped with an exceptionally sturdy, updated, and patented three-point folding mechanism. The Teverun factory has dedicated a significant amount of time to the analysis and testing of the best folding mechanisms. It employs a triple-secured folding system: a locking pin + a locking lever with a safety button + a safety pin for enhanced security.

The TEVERUN FIGHTER MINI electric scooter itself weighs only 29.5 kg, making it notably lightweight. Additionally, it features a convenient hook near the handlebar that attaches to the rear leg support, facilitating easy lifting and transport.

To guarantee our customers experience a supremely enjoyable and stable ride, the scooter includes a non-folding handlebar. This design choice offers increased stability and safety while riding, ensuring it remains tightly secured over time.

Ample power and comfort

Prepare to soar and beat the breeze! The TEVERUN FIGHTER MINI electric scooter features dual 1000W motors, propelling it to speeds up to 37 mph.

This scooter is built to handle loads up to 264 lbs, making it accessible for heavier riders too. With its robust motors and a 52V battery system, this compact dynamo effortlessly conquers varied terrains, making it a great fit for riders of different builds.

Acceleration and speed are boosted by two top-tier 25A current controllers from TEVERUN. These sinusoidal controllers ensure a supremely smooth acceleration, allowing for personal adjustments to the acceleration's softness or intensity to suit your preference. Together, the powerful motors and the 52V system deliver a whopping 2950W of power. The controllers and their advanced settings can be easily managed through an ultra-bright, daylight-visible, next-gen integrated display, ensuring visibility in even the brightest sunlight.

A remarkably large battery

The TEVERUN Fighter MINI PRO electric scooter boasts a high-capacity 52V 20.8Ah (1082 Wh) battery, utilizing premium 18650 lithium-ion cells. With a 20.8 Ah SMART BMS battery, it can achieve distances up to 50 miles.

Over the six years we've been producing scooters powered by these batteries, we're pleased to highlight a mere 0.032% incidence of warranty claims. This statistic is particularly impressive given that battery issues are among the most frequent problems encountered with electric scooters in the market.

Naturally, the battery demands some upkeep - detailed maintenance information is available here.

This model features a single charging port and comes with a standard 2A charger, which will recharge the battery within 10 hours.

Moreover, this battery incorporates a special SMART BMS circuit that monitors the health of each cell and its groups, ensures steady voltage across the board, and balances them automatically. The SMART BMS technology plays a crucial role in prolonging the battery's life and ensuring dependable performance.

Large tires, powerful brakes - safe driving guaranteed.

With its 6-inch diameter motor, this scooter allows for the use of various 10-inch tire types including STREET , SEMI-OFFROAD, OFF-ROAD, CST STREET catering to different riding preferences and conditions.

This electric scooter boasts hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring top-notch braking power for maximum efficiency and a notably shorter stopping distance. We prioritize the safety of our customers and strive to enhance their riding experience with our scooters to the fullest.

Advanced controllers, a smart display, and a mobile app enable the utilization of EABS and ABS functionalities.

The ABS feature prevents wheel lock-up, assisting in safe braking on slippery surfaces such as sand, wet, or dusty roads.

The EABS feature engages motor braking. With EABS activated, your brake pads endure longer as the motor takes on most of the braking effort, ensuring longevity and efficiency.

Incredibly stable ride, meticulously designed down to the finest detail

The large 10-inch tires guarantee a smooth and enjoyable ride across any terrain.

Featuring a C-type suspension system, robust adjustable hydraulic shocks (both at the front and back), and a rear leg stand, this scooter is equipped to handle everything from smooth asphalt and historic cobblestone lanes to rugged gravel or forest tracks.

High-strength mudguards (front and rear) keep you clean and dry from any splashes or mud you might encounter on your ride. There's nothing worse than ending a scooter ride with your back and legs covered in grime. With the TEVERUN FIGHTER MINI, you can look forward to a clean ride every time.

The defining feature of comfort is the adjustable hydraulic shocks. Regarded as the most convenient option available, you can easily tailor the shock absorbers' stiffness or softness with a simple turn of a dial, putting unparalleled comfort directly into your hands.

An absolute marvel in functionality - stunning lighting and NFC system

Visibility is key, both for seeing and being seen. That's why the TEVERUN FIGHTER MINI electric scooter comes with the finest lighting system available. Equipped with a robust front headlight, integrated front and rear body lights, side body LEDs, illuminated handlebars, indicators, and a STOP signal light, this setup ensures high visibility and safety during night rides, lighting up your route effectively. Light controls are easily accessible on the left handlebar for convenience.

The TEVERUN Fighter MINI PRO also incorporates an NFC locking system, adding a superior layer of security. Without the NFC key, your scooter remains immobile, safeguarding against unauthorized use.

Control the scooter with your mobile phone!

The TEVERUN app is an intelligent companion for your TEVERUN FIGHTER SUPREME 7260R electric scooter, offering a wide range of features and controls to enhance your riding experience. With this app, you can:

  • Adjust the electric scooter's settings to tailor its performance to your preferences.

  • Customize and control the scooter's lighting system, allowing for enhanced visibility and personal expression.

  • Monitor the voltage and overall health of the scooter's battery cells, ensuring your scooter is always ready for a ride.

  • Access a variety of additional information related to your electric scooter, keeping you informed about its status and performance.

  • Enjoy many other functions, along with regular updates that introduce new features and improvements to your scooter's functionality.


Engines: Equipped with two powerful 1470W engines (with a nominal power of 2x1000W each).

Battery: Powered by a 52V 20.8Ah (1082 Wh) SMART BMS battery made from top-notch 18650 lithium-ion cells.

Range: Thanks to the substantial battery capacity, this electric scooter can cover up to 80 km on a single charge.

Top Speed: Zooms to a maximum speed of 60 km/h, making it a zippy ride.

Weight and Load Capacity: Weighing in at 29.5 kg, the TEVERUN FIGHTER MINI can handle a rider weight of up to 120 kg.

Tires: Rolls on 10-inch (25.4 cm) inflatable tubeless tires for a smooth ride.

Suspension: Boasts a luxurious C-type suspension system with hydraulic adjustable shocks at both the front and rear, ensuring the highest level of riding comfort.

Display: Features a bright, next-gen integrated display visible even in broad daylight.

Lighting: Comes equipped with a powerful front light, front and rear body lights, side body LED lights, handlebar lighting, turn signals, and a STOP signal light for visibility in various conditions.

Charging: Includes a 58.8V 2A charger, with a charging time of approximately 10 hours.

Foldability: Conveniently folds down to dimensions of Length - 118 cm, Width - 60 cm, Height - 60 cm for easy storage.

Folding Mechanism: Incorporates a robust and patented three-point folding mechanism, ensuring a secure and hassle-free folding experience.

Design and Comfort: Features a wide body, a comfortable deck, and a rear footrest for an enjoyable and fatigue-free riding experience.

Mudguards: Boasts sturdy carbon-designed mudguards, providing protection from wet road conditions. Two mudguards are built into the rear.

Security: Utilizes an NFC lock system, ensuring that only users with the proper NFC key can start the scooter.

Mobile App Integration: Allows users to control settings and scooter lighting through a user-friendly mobile app, providing access to battery cell data as well.

Why choose Teverun?

Choosing TEVERUN brand scooters offers a multitude of compelling reasons, catering to diverse needs and preferences, while ensuring top-notch service and quality:

  1. Innovative Collaboration: TEVERUN electric scooters are born from a partnership between two of the world's leading factories, EON MOTORS (BLADE) and MINIMOTORS (DUALTRON), setting new standards in the electric scooter market with innovative designs and advanced technology.

  2. Local Support in Lithuania: The official suppliers and representatives, the Riedis.LT team, are deeply involved in the development of TEVERUN scooters, offering well-suited packages, rigorous testing, and custom design solutions. They also provide comprehensive warranty and non-warranty services, with a full inventory of spare parts available locally for immediate support.

  3. Diverse Range for Every Rider: Whether you're seeking an economical, city-friendly option like the TEVERUN BLADE Q PRO, a compact and powerful ride like the TEVERUN BLADE MINI and MINI PRO, or the high-class, feature-rich FIGHTER models, TEVERUN has a scooter to match every need and preference, including the iconic FIGHTER SUPREME and the market-leading FIGHTER SUPREME 7260R for those seeking the pinnacle of power, range, and performance.

  4. Reliable Warranty and Service: Riedis.LT provides an official warranty and post-warranty service, ensuring quick and efficient servicing. With an extensive stock of parts and a dedicated service team of highly qualified professionals, customers can rest assured that support is always at hand.

  5. Transparent Guarantees: Transparency and customer satisfaction are paramount, with Riedis.LT offering a 2-year warranty (6 months for the battery) on all electric scooters, ensuring peace of mind for every purchase.

  6. Compliance and Certification: All TEVERUN scooters come with the necessary documentation and certifications, including Lithuanian instructions and a CE certificate, indicating compliance with EU safety requirements. This commitment to quality and safety underscores TEVERUN's dedication to delivering certified, reliable electric scooters.

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