TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+ 35Ah LG electric scooter | UPDATED Version (3rd Gen) | with APP and SMART BMS


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TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+ 35Ah LG electric scooter | UPDATED Version (3rd Gen) | with APP and SMART BMS

2x1600W power motors and 60V 35Ah LG battery - will allow you to accelerate up to 85 km/h and drive up to 120 km.

Riedis.lt ensures fast and high-quality service of this scooter and all the components in Lithuania.

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2 999,00 € tax incl.

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Data sheet

Nominal power of the engine/motors (W) 3200
Drivetrain Front
Max motor power (W) 5376
Speed limiter Yes
Speed with limiter (km/h) 25
Design speed (km/h) 85
Wheel size (') 11
Tyre type Tubeless
Battery type Li-ion Smart BMS 21700 LG / Samsung
Battery voltage (V) 60
Range (km) 120
Battery capacity (Ah) 35
Battery capacity (Wh) 2100
Charging time (h) 7
Brake system Hydraulic disc
Weight (kg) 36
Maximum load (kg) 150
Lights Front, rear, stop and turn signals
Smart APP Yes
Lock type NFC
Vehicle dimensions (mm) 1315*1324*650
Package dimensions (mm) 1380*620*310

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UPDATED Version (3rd Gen) | with APP and SMART BMS

Freshly updated TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+ scooter with the smart app and SMART BMS system.
The smart app will allow you to control various scooter parameters, lighting and many other functions by phone.
The SMART BMS system will ensure the longevity of your electric scooter battery. Automatic balancing of the battery cells will allow your scooter's battery to last even longer. You can monitor the state of the battery cells on your mobile phone - TEVERUN smart app.

Electric scooter TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+ - a powerful electric scooter perfected to the smallest detail

Based on many years of experience in the field of personal electric vehicles, extremely powerful TEVERUN FIGHTER 11 models are produced by special order and according to the exclusive Riedis.LT (riedis-electric) package, adapted to various roads - extremely fast, stable and fast, and the most important thing is that these scooters are equipped with huge LG or Samsung batteries and our bundled fast charger. Teverun has a very sturdy and easy system for folding the steering column because you can fold it in 3 seconds. On the TFT display, you can find many options, also, there are switches to drive on one motor to two motors and a switch between ECO and 5 different driving modes.

Our shop has a wide range of spare parts and accessories and a repair service! Electric scooters TEVERUN FIGHTER 11 are the kings of all roads - both city and country, so trips will be extremely fast and pleasant. Powerful, comfortable, with the highest possible equipment, and most importantly - high quality - TEVERUN FIGHTER 11 will satisfy all your travel needs. These models are developed using the latest and most advanced technologies and are fully prepared for the new season of electric scooters.

UAB LUTEX (Riedis.LT) - the official representative of TEVERUN (MINIMOTORS) electric scooters.

Electric scooter TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+ with large inflatable tubeless 11" tires, powerful motors, and front and rear shock absorbers. Installed high-class adjustable hydraulic KKE shock absorbers will provide stability when riding on uneven surfaces and over obstacles. This will make you feel comfortable and soft when riding on various surfaces. - both in the city and off-road.

These electric scooters are unique in their power, design and attention to every detail. FIGHTER 11+ scooters have 2 motors of 1600W and 60V system and can reach a maximum power of 5000W. With this scooter, you will overcome steep hills without any obstacles and never run out of speed and power.

These scooters are manufactured and developed according to our special order, and with exclusive equipment, so we guarantee particularly reliable and years-tested electronics and battery components.

Each buyer will be able to choose the version that suits him, according to his power and mileage needs:

TEVERUN FIGHTER 11 26Ah - with a 25Ah battery it will cover up to 80 km, and the 4704W power will help you reach a speed of up to 85 km/h.

TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+ 35Ah - with a 35Ah battery it will cover up to 120 km, and the 5376W power will help you reach a speed of up to 85 km/h.

TEVERUN FIGHTER SUPREME - with a 35Ah and a 72V battery, will cover up to 120 km, and 9240W power will help you reach a speed of up to 100 km/h

A masterpiece - TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+

This is the pride of the Riedis.LT team. Having accumulated many years of experience and having sold thousands of scooters, we know what even the most demanding customers need. We are happy to present to you - TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+. You've never seen such value for money.

It took more than 2 years to create this scooter. The Teverun factory became a strategic partner of the Minimotors (Dualtron) factory and, together with this huge company, decided to create something impressive. Countless hours have been spent on every component and detail of this scooter. We're excited to bring you the future of electric transportation today.

Easy to transport, easy to fold

Dimensions of the folded scooter: Length - 135 cm, width - 65 cm, height - 58 cm.

The scooter has a very strong, updated and patented three-point folding mechanism. The TEVERUN factory spent a lot of time analysing and testing the best folding mechanisms until they finally found one that meets our highest standards. The folding mechanism is connected by three points: a fixed pin + a fixing lever with a safety button, + a safety pin.

The TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+ electric scooter itself weighs only 36 kg, and the hook on the steering wheel, which hooks onto the rear leg support, will also help with transportation - so this electric scooter will be very convenient to lift.

We want our customers to have a very pleasant and stable ride on a scooter. The scooter has a non-folding steering wheel, which will provide a sense of stability and security while driving, and will not come loose over time.

A lot of power at a very attractive price

Get ready to fly and beat the wind! The TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+ electric scooter has 2 powerful motors of 1600W each and can reach a speed of up to 85 km/h.

The scooter is designed to withstand a load of 150 kg, so even heavier drivers will be able to enjoy its advantages. Thanks to powerful engines and a 60V system, this powerhouse will perfectly overcome various tracks even with a heavier load. This electric scooter is perfect for riders of all builds.

Even 2 extremely high-quality sine-wave 35-40A current controllers from the manufacturer TEVERUN help to develop the speed and acceleration. The sine-wave controllers will ensure that starting from a standstill is extremely pleasant and even, and those who want a rougher or softer start will be able to adjust the settings on the TFT (tablet type) display. You will be able to control the controls and their most sophisticated parameters through the extremely functional and bright TEVERUN TFT display, which can be seen at any time of the day. Electric scooter lovers around the world have rated this display as one of the best on the market - you can see the information displayed on the screen of this electric scooter even in the brightest daylight.

Huge Battery

The electric scooter TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+ has a 60V working voltage and a 35Ah LG (2100Wh) capacity battery, made of high-class 21700 LG lithium-ion cells. 21700 lithium-ion cells are the latest technology in the world of batteries. Such cells are used by TESLA, PANASONIC, LG, SAMSUNG manufacturers, so you can be sure that you will have the highest level of battery.

This scooter has two charging ports, and you will find a 5A fast charger in the package. Thanks to two charging sockets, you can charge the scooter with one additional charger.

With this huge battery, you will be able to cover a distance of up to 120 km.

Big tires, powerful brakes - safe driving is guaranteed.

Scooters of this size and dimensions often have 10-inch tires - this powerhouse has 11-inch tires. We want our customers to have as few worries as possible, so this scooter uses tubeless STREET tires of one of the best - CST manufacturer, which have an additional layer of glue inside. Due to the fact that these tires are tubeless, there will be less worries about flat tires, and the additional layer of glue will immediately stick to itself if you accidentally puncture the tire.

This electric scooter has built-in hydraulic disc brakes with 160 mm discs. Powerful brakes for an electric scooter provide maximum braking efficiency and significantly shorten the stopping distance. We care about the safety of our customers and want their experience riding our scooters to be as good as possible.

Thanks to the improved TEVERUN controls and display, you will be able to use the EABS and ABS functions.

The ABS function will prevent the wheels from locking and thus help you to brake in slippery situations (sand, wet or dusty road)

EABS function - engine brake. With EABS on, your brakes and brake pads will last longer, as the engine will do most of the braking work.

Extremely stable ride, construction thought out to the smallest detail

Large 11-inch tires will ensure a stable and pleasant ride on any road.

Enjoy a stable ride even at high speeds. The TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+ scooter has a steering stabilizer - damper, which will ensure steering stability in various situations. The damper is adjustable - so everyone will be able to choose the hardness/softness of steering wheel rotation according to their needs.

Type C suspension system, powerful hydraulic adjustable shock absorbers (both front and rear) and rear leg support will allow you to overcome all surfaces - smooth asphalt, old town stone roads, gravel roads with potholes or even forest tracks.

Extremely strong carbon-style mudguards (both front and rear) will protect you from the effects of a wet or muddy road. After all, it's so unpleasant when your back and legs are all wet after riding an electric scooter. Enjoy a dry ride with the TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+. Depending on the batch the fenders can be carbon or matte style.

A real masterpiece of functionality - impressive lighting, NFC system

See and be seen. The TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+ electric scooter is equipped with only the best lighting system. A powerful headlight, front and rear body lights, side body LED lights, handlebar lighting, cornering lights and a STOP signal light - all this will ensure that you will be seen and noticed even in the dark, and you will drive on a well-lit road yourself.

In the updated version of the second generation (2nd Gen) you will see new lighting features:

· If you turn on the turning light - the LED of the stem and the deck will also light up yellow, and the LED of the rear footrest will light up in a running strip, also yellow. The running strip will run in the direction you pressed the turn signal.

· If you press the brakes - the whole scooter will light up red. In previous version, when the brakes were applied, only the rear STOP light was illuminated. In the 2nd Gen version, the stem, the deck, the rear footrest and the STOP light will be illuminated in red.

This electric scooter is also equipped with an additional LED module, thanks to which you will be able to control the side lighting of the scooter and choose its colors through your smartphone by downloading the duoCo Strip app.

TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+ uses NFC lock system. This is a really great additional protection mechanism. Without the NFC key, no one will be able to start your scooter.

Control the scooter with your mobile phone!

The smart TEVERUN app will allow you to:

· Manage the parameters of the electric scooter
· Control the lighting of the electric scooter
· Monitor the voltage and health of the electric scooter's battery cells
· See various additional information related to the electric scooter


Engines - 2x2688W power engines (2x1600W nominal power)

Battery - 60V 35Ah (2100Wh) capacity battery made of high-class 21700 LG lithium-ion cells.

Driving distance - thanks to the large battery, you can cover up to 120 km with this scooter.

Maximum speed - this electric scooter reaches a maximum speed of 85 km/h.

Scooter weight and load capacity - TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+ weighs 36 kg and supports 150 kg.

Tires - 11 inch (27.94 cm) inflatable tubeless STREET type tires with an additional self-adhesive layer inside.

Shock absorbers - luxury type C shock absorber system. You will find shock absorbers both at the front and at the back. Powerful adjustable hydraulic KKE shock absorbers are used.

Display - the ultra-bright TFT display will be visible even in bright daylight.

Lighting - A powerful headlight, front and rear body lights, side body LED lights, handlebar lighting, cornering lights and a STOP signal light - all this will ensure that you are seen and noticed even in the dark, and you yourself drive on a well-lit road.

Charging - The fast 67.2V 5A charger will charge this scooter in just 7 hours.

Conveniently foldable - dimensions of the folded scooter: Length - 135 cm, width - 65 cm, height - 58 cm.

Strong folding mechanism - The scooter has a very strong, updated and patented three-point folding mechanism. The folding mechanism is connected by three points: a fixed pin + a fixing lever with a safety button + a safety pin. The extremely strong and easy-to-use folding mechanism will ensure a pleasant and safe ride without any additional wobbles and creaks.

Wide body and rear leg support - wide body - deck and rear leg support will allow you to enjoy a convenient and comfortable ride. There will be enough space for your legs, so you can safely change parking positions, so you won't get tired while driving.

Strong mudguards - carbon design, extremely strong mudguards will protect you from wet road conditions.

Scooter lock - the scooter uses an NFC lock system. Without the NFC key, no one will be able to start your scooter.

Why should you choose TEVERUN brand scooters?

1. Why Teverun?
TEVERUN electric scooters are the joint creation of two of the most advanced factories in the world. EON MOTORS (BLADE) and MINIMOTORS (DUALTRON) have joined forces to create something that will take the electric scooter market to new heights.

2. The official suppliers and representatives - Riedis.LT team.
In order to provide a fast warranty and non-warranty service for the scooters, we ensure that we have ALL spare parts for these electric scooters on site.

3. Scooter models adapted to the needs of each driver.

Everyone will find a suitable TEVERUN electric scooter:

TEVERUN BLADE MINI and TEVERUN BLADE MINI PRO - powerful, compact and stylish. Travel both on city and country roads and transport these electric scooters with extreme ease. Choose from one or two engine versions and different battery sizes.

TEVERUN FIGHTER 11 and TEVERUN FIGHTER 11+ - these powerful scooters will allow you to enjoy their impressive power at a very comfortable level of riding comfort. All these great features will take up little space compared to other scooters of this power, so there will be no inconvenience when transporting them.

TEVERUN FIGHTER SUPREME is the flagship of TEVERUN electric scooters. The most powerful. The fastest. The most comfortable. The biggest range. Electric scooter enthusiasts and lovers will be amazed to try this incredible TEVERUN electric scooter.

4. Official warranty and post-warranty service - there will never be a shortage of parts, and electric scooters will be serviced extremely quickly.

The Riedis.LT team can offer all the necessary parts for TEVERUN and many other brands of electric scooters. We are probably the only suppliers and sellers of electric scooters in Lithuania that have our own service with the highest level of qualified craftsmen and many years of experience. When choosing Riedis.LT products, you can be calm - you and your electric scooter will always be taken care of.

5. All guarantees are provided.

The Riedis.LT team believes transparency is one of the most important aspects of communicating with customers.

We provide a 2-year warranty (6 months for the battery) on all-electric scooters we sell.

6. Exclusive packages - TEVERUN BLADE MINI scooters only by Riedis.LT:

The Riedis.LT team made sure that our customers received an exclusive package of this scooter. When buying the TEVERUN FIGHTER 11 electric scooter, you will find a fast 5A charger in the package, which will charge the scooter even 2.5 times faster than a standard charger.

7. Products - meeting all requirements

TEVERUN scooters and their packaging have all the necessary documents and certificates:
• Instruction - you will find it in the box of every TEVERUN electric scooter.
• CE certificates - TEVERUN electric scooters and their packaging meet all the product control requirements of the European Union.

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