electric scooter PULSE 10 SINGLE (10")

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PULSE 10 SINGLE - electric scooter with great power and exceptional design!

1200W power motor and 20Ah, 60V battery - will let you reach 60 km/h speed.

One of the best qualities electric kick scooter in the market!

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Data sheet

Speed 60km/h
Wheel size 10" (25,4cm)
Motor 1200 W
Battery capacity 21Ah
Battery voltage 60V
Range 70km
Brakes EABS, semi hydraulic, Zoom Xtech
Charging time 10h
Max load 125kg
Gross mass 29kg
Vehicle dimensions 1400*350*600 mm
Set Charger
Sitting/standing Standing

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Motors 1200W
Powerful 1200W high torque motor in rear wheel will take you anywhere you desire! Acceleration is not like on dual motors, but good enough to put a big smile on your face and  drive you up to 60 km/h! In most cases torque is more important then speed, and trust us, PULSE 10 SINGLE will have enough power and torque to take you up the very steep hills!
Pulse electric scooter
Controller 30A
Something has to drive this crazy motor. So we equipped PULSE 10 SINGLE with one powerful 30A controler which will provide enough current to make you wanna scream every time you hit the throttle!
Battery 60V 20Ah
To provide enough juice for your adrenaline ride, here is big 60V 20Ah battery. It will provide enough current and power for amazing speed and very long range (up to 70 km).
Brakes Zoom Xtech HB-100
The faster it drives, the better it has to brake! To be able to stop safely, PULSE 10 DUAL  has semi hydraulic Zoom Xtech HB-100 brakes on both wheels. Zoom  will provide very smooth braking and stop the scooter in a moment. If you want more, you can upgrade it with any full hydraulic brakes.
TUOVT tires 80/65-6
To transfer the force this beast can produce to the ground, we equipped it with the best tires on the market. TUOVT 80/65-6 or 10×3, however you like it, is very strong tire, wide enough to have good grip in all driving modes, not too hard, not too soft, and very puncture resistant in comparison to other similar tires.
Suspension   SPRING 165mm
To make driving smooth and comfortable, PULSE has dual Spring suspension. Each of them can be adjusted according to your weight or driving preferences. If you want more, don’t worry! You can change this suspension for any 165mm spring, hydraulic, air or hybrid suspension from the market.
To keep the water, mud, dust and all other dirt away from you, PULSE has two strong plastic fenders with metal holders which can be adjusted in any position you find effective. They are very stable and rigid so they definitely wont wobble, make noise or break  on bumpy roads.
Front light LED
For excellent visibility at night driving conditions, PULSE is equipped with powerful front LED light which will light up more then 40 meters of the road. You will definitely be seen in the traffic, but if someone doesn’t see you, remember that you have very loud electronic horn built in the front light.
Rear lights LED
Not very important in off road, but in the city traffic it is nice to give people a clue when you decide to take a turn or stop. That’s why Pulse has rear LED turn indicators, running light and brake light. You can easily control all the lights and horn from the dashboard on the handle bar.
Pulse electric scooter
Side lights LED
It’s not something we  can’t ride without, but it makes us happy! Green LED side lights look awesome at night, but also increase visibility  in traffic. You will definitely keep them on most of the time. If you are really passionate about lights, you can change green LED strip to RBG with remote control to change color and light mode whenever you want.
Pulse electric scooter
No matter how tall are you, you can adjust the height of PULSE handle bar however you feel comfortable. Besides that it looks better then fixed stem and it is stronger. Many fixed stems seen on other scooters  have hole for the cables in the bottom and this hole makes it easier to brake.
Pulse 10 Pro electric scooter 2x1200w (3)
Folding clamp DOUBLE
We care about your safety! That’s why PULSE scooters have very strong and thick double folding clamp. This will make sure the stem won’t ever get loose. There is also an option to insert stem locking screw inside the clamp to make stem even more stable and fixed.
Pulse 10 Pro electric scooter 2x1200w (10)
Foot rest  WIDE
Correct body position and good grip in the deck while driving is very important. To be stable on the scooter, we made rear foot rest wide enough and covered it with anti-slip material. This will prevent accidental slip and make you “connect” with your scooter. There is also very useful handle bar which you can use to carry the scooter if needed.
Handle bar FOLDABLE
You want to put your scooter in a car trunk from time to time? Don’t worry, PULSE 10 SINGLE has foldable handle bars so you can make it as small as possible to be put in a car trunk.  If you don’t like foldable handle bars, you can easily change them to fixed one.

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