electric scooter S10 X SUPER 20Ah (10")

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Electric scooter with seat - S10X!

S10X 15Ah and S10X 15Ah SUPER - with 15Ah battery, it will cover 40-50 km and reach 40-45 km/h.
S10X 20Ah and S10X 20Ah SUPER - with 20Ah battery, it will cover 50-60 km and reach 40-45 km/h.
S10X 25Ah and S10X 25Ah SUPER - with 25Ah battery, it will cover 70-80 km and reach 40-45 km/h.

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Dėl prekės užsakymo - susisiekime! PRISTATYMAS 2020m LIEPOS MĖNESĮ.

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Speed 40-45 km/h
Wheel size 10" (25,4cm)
Motor 500W
Battery capacity 20Ah
Battery voltage 48V
Range 50-60km
Brakes Disc brakes
Charging time 6-10h
Max load 120kg
Gross mass 19-20kg
Vehicle dimensions 1130*560*1140mm
Package dimensions 1150*300*360mm
Water resistance IP54
Set Charger, tool set
Sitting/standing Sitting/standing

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Electric scooter with seat - S10X!

Based on many years of experience in the field of electric vehicles, Riedis produced oour own exclusive models of the S10 series, adapted to various roads, extremely passable, stable and fast scooter!

Electric scooters with large inflatable 10" wheels, front and rear shock absorbers. Mounted high-end shock absorbers provide stability while driving and on uneven surfaces and over obstacles. Allows you to feel comfortable, both sitting and standing.

These electric scooters are exceptional and have the power - with a 500W, 48V motor, while the standard city electric scooters have 36V, so the S10+ accelerates faster, has better traction even at higher loads or on steeper slopes.

And for everyone, scooters in this series come with different capacity batteries,
so everyone can choose according to the distance you want to overcome and the speed you want to develop:

S10X 15Ah and S10X 15Ah SUPER - with 15Ah battery, it will cover 40-50 km and reach 40-45 km/h.
S10X 20Ah and S10X 20Ah SUPER - with 20Ah battery, it will cover 50-60 km and reach 40-45 km/h.
S10X 25Ah and S10X 25Ah SUPER - with 25Ah battery, it will cover 70-80 km and reach 40-45 km/h.

Batteries and chargers meet the highest quality and safety standards, so when fully charged, disconnects and alerts you with LED lights, red when not charged and green when fully charged.

The S10 series is also available with seats (SUPER series). There is also the option to purchase a seat separately (here). Seat of variable size, with built-in shock absorbers, foldable and easy to install and remove.

The scooter is foldable - not only folds in half, but also with folding handles, making it especially convenient for transport. The variable-size joystick steering wheel will help adapt to various height drivers.
Also, the scooter has a built-in handle - for convenient holding of the folded scooter in your hands.

The electric has an LCD display, where you can see the battery level and voltage, the developed speed and the distance covered. On the other side of the screen you can find USB port for charging your phone or other device.
There is also a built-in electric audio signal controlled by a button.

Integrated headlights at the front and rear, allowing you to feel safe in the dark. When the brake is applied, the red light of the tail light is highlighted to warn other road users that the brake has started. The tailgate's rear fog lights also have built-in bends, so you will be warned by those behind you about the upcoming maneuver.

The scooter frame is made of lightweight, high quality aluminum alloy and can carry up to 120kg. And the base - the base - extra wide, giving exceptional comfort. The base is also fitted with two non-slip material straps that allow you to stand securely and firmly, without slipping.

The S10 electric scooter - the ultimate friend who loves to travel in the city and beyond!

electric scooter S10 X 25Ah

Folds comfortably

electric scooter S10 X 25Ah

Functional control

electric scooter S10 X 25Ah

Tool kit included

electric scooter S10 X 25Ah

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